Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Designer team call reminder!

Hi, Everyone!  I just noted a lot of you ladies didn't see my video on designer team call.  So I extended the time so it will be the end of next month for you to enter you project for my designer team call.  I'm so looking forward to see all your projects.  I really hope to find someone to help me with my business.  For now I'm open only 3 people first.  If things go well I will add more depend how much these 3 people bring business to me.  I have a big dream that I want to have my own business and I'm going on how big I want my business grow and how am I going to there.  I will have to work very hard and try very hard to get to my goal.  I will get there if I work hard enough.  That why I'm very excited who going to be part of my journey.

Here my videos for designer team call
Designer team call remindder

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