Friday, April 10, 2015

Marion Smith's Timekeeper Chipboard Hot Air Balloon Album for SaCrafter's

     Hello Everybody!
          This week I just had to get my "swagger" on and designed this adorable chipboard hot air balloon chipboard album from Sa, Steampunk!! Yes, I know it is very different from my normal Shabby Chic style of crafting but I also have a love for Steampunk.  I wasn't sure how I was going to design this as I have only made Steampunk style tags for my father and brother in laws for Father's Day. So other than that I really had no idea how to do steampunk none the less stain and distress wood, chipboard, paper and metal items in a steampunky fashion.  But I finally did it and honestly it wasn't that hard. Please check out the video below to see the rest of it :)  I will do my best to explain some of the steps on here of what I did but will have the full version on my blog as not to take up tons of spaces on Sa's blog, lol. There were a lot of steps but preparation was the longest. It took me two days to complete this album which is most of the time for me cause if you are a mom too, you know why. Ha Ha Ha.
     The first of what I do and I always do for any of my items from SaCrafter's is prepare my Chipboard and wood embellies with Gesso.  I normally would use a a white Gesso but since I wanted to paint this album dark I used a clear gesso. After they dried, I began to trace all the pages onto my paper stack from Country Craft Creations, I used Marion Smith's "Timeless". Next, I added Best glue ever to the entire front of the first page and used their gold foil, pressed it down and then cut through the slits of the balloon and pushed the extra foil to the back. Sort of like a decopage type idea. I decided that I wanted the album to be darker and used black glitter paint and then went over the top with Shimmerz Inklingz "Penny for your thoughts" to give it the copper feel. For the other pages I used my black soot distress ink and went around the edges and sides but not the entire page because I was going to be papering it.
     At this point I was ready to add paper, on the back of the papers I used my ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever, the reason I love this glue so much is that the pages never bubble up, it dries clear and fast. I used a roller to make the glue spread and make the pages even. Then put them aside to dry.
     Next, I started to distress my chipboard embellies with black soot and then later painted them with Shimmerz Inklingz Brass knuckles and Penny for your thoughts. Then I grabbed a bunch of metal, cogs and spinners, movie roll film holder, metal embellies , envelopes, corregated paper, I piece of heavy card stock that was torn into strips and lots of other "Junk" as I call it, lol and got out a metal casserole dish and grabbed lots of sprays and dyes to and went to town spraying. Always start out with the lightest color first to the darkest. So that the colors blend better, if you do it the opposite way the lighter colors will sit on top and never go into the canvas/papers. Then I began to work on my flowers, I sprayed them with the same technique but added on extra step, I used a light dusty blue chalk paint to lighten them up and then re-sprayed again to get that extra blue color in there.
     Once everything was dried I now was able to make my pages come alive, I did lots of layering and added some more distress ink edges etc. to give it that extra deep rich look.
     I love hearing from y'all so please feel free to ask any questions or give any comments.
Thank you and have a fabulous day! XOXO ~ Kimmy
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  1. Hi Kimmy, I came via link on fb, had to, this is absolutely, utterly brilliant! The blue really pops & contrasts with darker tones so well. I am a HUGE fan of Steampunk & just got 6x6 pad of Time Keeper. That's about as near to your piece as I will get but that's ok. My next piece is going to be a lot simpler than yours but you have really inspired me so thank you! :)

    1. Thank you Caroline, if you want to show me your creation I would love to see it ;) my email is 😀