Monday, January 5, 2015

Water Color boxes.

Hello everyone, Today, I would like to share with you these little boxes from Dollar Tree that I have altered. They are so so much fun and Sa's chippies just add more to it. I have broken out my new water color pallette and went to town with this.uN-K7ik2pNWDq8SyaKEdYSc2XUCoddWyG42yfu1vAQU=w1071-h450-no Here is the video tutorial on how I have created them. I have covered up the boxes with paper off camera, since I do not think you guys want to sit and watch me covering up the box with papers. So skippppp to the fun part. Here is the tutorial of how I have decorated and colored the box.

 Here are some more detailed pictures of individual boxes. IMG_8451 IMG_8450 IMG_8448 IMG_8447 IMG_8446 IMG_8445 IMG_8442 Thank you so much for your visit and hope you enjoyed my creations.


 Supply List
  Wooden Faucets 
 Wooden Wings 
Blank Mini Zippers
  Wooden Mini Bird House
Wooden Mini Birds 
Mini PaperClips 
 Scrip Stencils 
 Dollar Tree wooden boxes
 Prima Cartographer paper pad
 Water color pallette
 Modeling paste
 Acrylic paints (pink and green)

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