Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Sa Crafters challenges

Hi,Everyone! Sa Crafters challenges is back!! Woo hoo!
First 12x12 layout challenge rule are
I don't really have a sketch for you to but made very sample way what need to have on your layout.
1. Must have circle shape on your layout
2.Must  have title about life
3.Must use Sa Crafters stencil product
4.Must use Sa Crafters MDF Wood embellishments
5.Must use Sa Crafters chipboard embellishments.

Here my layout for October challenge sample for you to get inspire
As you can see the texture I used Sa Crafters corner stencil. For circle shape I use Sa Crafters chipboard clock product. And I used Sa Crafters MDF Wood embellishments.
more pictures

 You might not see my journey because I wrote it on the back of my layout.
My title for this layout is "This way perfect way life"
1.Loving family
2.Loving my job
3.Living an American dream
That how my perfect way of life!!!
What's about your?
I can't wait to see your entry!!!

Alter project challenge rule are
1.Must alter Sa Crafters MDF Wood alarm clock layers shadow box
2.Must use Sa Crafters MDF Wood embellishments
3.Must use Sa Crafters MDF Wood sentiment.

Here for the alter alarm clock I created this project quit while ago.

Good luck everyone!! Please enter your entry on the right side of An InLinkz Link-up bar!!

Here what you will receive if you are the winners
We will pick one winner from 12x12 layout and other one from alter alarm clock
The prizes will identical packages.
The last day of the entry will be Oct, 25 and we will winners on Oct,27 no later then the end of the month. These challenges open to everyone!!

If you want to buy all these products follow the links to products list down below!

6x6-Random dots


  1. Great examples Sa. What a prize package. I will see what I can create. Hugs, Johnna.