Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May challenges

Hi, Everyone!! I'm very happy to announced that We are having monthly challenges!!  If you have been following  me over the years you probably knew I used to hosted my challenges and then I stopped.  This time will more excited for me because I can not wait to see how you guys how use my products into your create.  I have seen lots talents people that around the world what can you guys can show me what you can do.  I'm opening eyes for more dt members but I haven't found anybody to help me with my business but I'm very confident that someone the right people will found way to me!! I did a video for challenge and Song helping me rules of challenges.  If anybody have any questions Song and I reply to use as soon as we can!!

We have Monthly Challenge(s) in our group and to help you have more fun, please read the guidelines.


    Our Altered Project challenges are U.S. & Canada ONLY FOR NOW.

    Other Challenges are open INTERNATIONALLY

    Our Challenges will vary monthly. We will have Product Challenge, Style Challenge, Technique Challenge, Color Challenge, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Guidelines Of Different Types Of Challenges

--Product Challenge:

    We will have Altered Project Challenge and other kind of challenges (for example: Layout Challenge, Tag Challenge, etc. ).

    When doing a Altered Project Challenge, please use the assigned alterable product.

    When doing other types of product challenges, please use at least 3 SaCrafters product.

--Style Challenge:

    Cooperate the assigned Style into your entry. The themes can be shabby chic, can be steam punk, or can be other beautiful styles.  Please use at least 3 SaCrafters product on your entry.

--Technique Challenge:

    We will show you 1-2 techniques through either photos or videos. Please cooperate the techniques we shown into your entry. Please use at least 3 SaCrafters Product on your entry as well.

--Color Challenge:

    Cooperate the color theme we assigned. You can add white, black, cream, and other neutral colors. Please use at least 3 SaCrafters Product on your entry.

Guidelines To Enter The Challenge

1. Please read the guidelines for each type of challenge above and stick of the guideline.

2. The winners of our challenges will receive a Guest Designer Package put together by us and, of course, will also be our Guest Designers for a month.

    If you want to be our guest designer, this is the BEST way to do it!

    The Guest Designer Package is about $25 USD (including shipping) worth of yummy goodies.

3. The winners will be chosen randomly.

4. Please create new project for our challenges, do not use old projects.

5. Feel free to combine with other challenges but make sure other challenges are not the same type as ours. For example, you can't combine our color challenge to other color challenges.


6. Please add your project photos to the album for the current challenge to make it easier for everyone to see and for better photo organizations :)

7. FEEL FREE to share the links of your personal blog and videos.

8. Keep the positive attitude please.

9. HAVE FUN!!!

Benefits As A Guest Designer and Guidelines

1. Please know that it's a great honor for us to have you create for us :))

2. You will receive a Guest Designer package put together by us from SaCrafters Store.

3. In the month you are Guest Designing, your purchase will be 15% off.

4. Please make 2 Guest Designer projects.

5. Please share your project on your Facebook, Blog, (Youtube Channel if you have one), and other social network you frequently use.

6. Please mention SaCrafters Zibbet store and provide the link to the store in your blogpost, videos, and social network posts. However we understand many Facebook groups don't allow advertising of other stores as we do the same, when you share your project in other Facebook groups, please stick to their guidelines as well :)

7. HAVE FUN creating!!!

The link to group;https://www.facebook.com/groups/1516516691909233/

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