Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Altered ornament

Hi,Everyone!  It has been along time since I posted anything on my blog!!!  I had been so busy with my business, work, new design all kind of stuffs that help me to run my business.  I'm getting to know more about how I should run my business.  Right now I have only main DT members are Song (Creation by Song) and Jane (velocityvette08)  I'm still looking more DT members but I'm looking for someone like me or Jane what I mean by that who like to processing videos not share projects or do fast tutorials.  I find that the only thing is work for me is processing videos seem to bring me more sell then share projects or fast tutorials. I know not everyone have time to do that.  But I'm hopping to find the right person to help me success in business.

Here some pictures of ornament that I altered.  This was photo of Cody when he was 10 months.
I wanted to altered ornament of Cody each year.
I used my product layering ornament.  This is good for a gift for your family members who are decor Christmas tree every year.  You can put a picture of your family and send it to your grand parents,ants and uncles to hang on their trees.
 I started with white next one I'm going to do other colors.
 I had a year was taken.  I'm planing on writing a journal on the back that Cody was 10 months old.
Thank you everyone for stopping by and leave your comments!!


  1. I have to agree with you I enjoy watching a project being made in real time, maybe some parts skipped or fast but most in live time. I do not do videos LOL maybe some day but I just wanted to share my opinion. I always enjoyed your videos and I do miss them.

    1. Hi, Sue! You should make your video. You will have a lot of fun making it!