Thursday, June 13, 2013

Families photos album

Hi, Everyone! I made album again! I know right I'm addicted to making more mini albums! I'm trying to use all my paper pads as much as I can, but I ended buying more! lol I'm not sure it helps at all! lol Anyway here my mini album that I made for my hubby families photos.  I'm planing on take it with me every time we go to visit my hubby families in Norman, Oklahoma state.  I have to snap shots photos and print at they house and adhere to my album right away and write some , where,when,what,with who's.  If I'm not doing it this way another wise will never get photos printed!!
Photo for the cover was my in-laws when my hubby sisters when they were children. 

I don't have photos inside yet.  I will update to you guys when I receive more from my sister in-law.  Some day!

 I made this very sample again it for my hubby families photos. I don't any flowers on this mini album at all.

I made a lots of pockets for photos!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaves your comments!!


  1. They are beautiful, Sa! Can't wait to see who you pick for your designers and to see their projects.
    Hugs, Laura

    1. Thank you Laura! Well a few people entry so I might not have designers at all oh, well I tried. I have to continue doing myself.