Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prima doll stamp tag-1 giveaway!

Hi, Everyone!!! Here my first Prima doll stamp tag-1 giveaway!!  If you haven't heard that I will be making  12 Prima doll stamps tags for giveaways!!! So every projects that I create I will be giveaway.  Here are the rules you MUST be my youtube subscribers and you MUST leave comments each videos!!! I'm not sure that I will be making straight 12 tags that depend what's next project I have in mind!!
On my youtube I posted my first video last night.  So it has been started then. The last day for you to leave comment in order to win will be on Tuesday night.  I will announce the winner on next Wednesday day.
The canvas I got from Micheal's craft store. All most of my embellishments from my store.
Accept Prima doll stamp and a crown
All the colors I used just Fork Art plaints.

I do love how it turn out.  Mix media looking!!!
Thank you everyone for stopping by!!


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring.

  2. HI,sa! i have been followed you on youtube and i have seen your projects. They are really beautiful and your projects really inspired me a lot. Thank you sa!

  3. You are such a talented lady. I have watch your tutorials several time on you tube. Unfortunately it will not let me subscribe to anyone for some really stinks.

  4. Wow... That is beautiful. I would like to make one. I am going to go check out your tutorials. Thanks for sharing.