Friday, February 1, 2013

Making card on Friday-Thank you for your friendship

Hi, Everyone!  Making card on Friday again!

 I used script stencil that I made.  I didn't post this stencil for sale.  It takes too long to make one stencil.  So if you guys want to buy it.  Let me know but not gonna be 2.99 as other 6x6 stencils I have for sale.

 You guys can custom order any poems that you want.  But I have to charge you guys 4.99 for 6x6 stencil.
Let me know if you interested!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and leave a comment!!!


  1. Hi SA, I would love to buy one of your stencils. Can you email me and let me know how much and where to send the money?
    Thanks Vicki

  2. Absolutely stunning card thanks for sharing.