Friday, February 8, 2013

Card on Friday-Thank you for being wonderful friend card

Hi, Everyone! Making card on Friday again!
 I hope everyone like my card!  I sure do love mine! 

 I just love hand paint colors flowers!
 I running out white flowers from store! I need to get some more very soon!
 I wish tomorrow Friday again so I can make more card! lol
 I'm kind of addicted to making card at the moment.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and leave a comment!  I really appreciated!!


  1. So beautiful and feminine Sa ... Friday's rock!

  2. Hey Sa,beautiful card so soft and pretty, so different them most,it's very refreshing to see that. Funny how we all love to make cards, I was sick for a year, when I was feeling good enough to craft, I went crazy and made 200 cards no kidding. Love to make them, I haven't for a while making other things.Thanks for sharing with us...

    1. Hi, Dianne! You made 200 CARDS!! lol That a lot of cards!