Friday, January 20, 2012

Are you ready for another guessing game?

Hi, Ladies! Here another fun game for you ladies! This game only for my youtubers. I want only one winner! Who guess right the first person will win something from me! Please leave your guess answer at my video here. One day one answer only if today nobody answer right the next day you can guess again! I will doing this until someone is right! The game over when I have the first person has the right answer! However, if nobody answer is right for one week. That mean no winner. I will post tutorial how I made these flowers and what material I used to make it! When your the winner please do a video on youtube for me please! The reason that because you can advertise for my store. If you DO NOT do a video the next guessing games or next challenges you WILL NOT be able to play along with me!

Tell me what it is the material I used to make these flowers! Please guess at YT only! Your guess at my blog or my facebook DO NOT count!

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