Thursday, December 22, 2011

Woven cardboard backgrounds

Hi, Ladies! I just finished these woven cardboard background I love it how it turn out! This remind me of my grandmother. She used to do this with bamboo. She made bamboo baskets or chicken cages. The generations people in my country (Thailand) know how to do these things for living.

I made these out of cardboard. I painted in black acrylic paint and rub with silver rub N buff.
This good to make for your background layout!
If I have real bamboo I would have try! But in the USA hard to find this thing if I do find it will be very expensive. So I just hoping bamboo will fly over to my door lol!!!

All right guys it's very late I have to go to bed and get up early to go to work! Good night everybody!!

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  1. Fantastic Sa. And such a lovely memory of your Grandmother too. Lee x