Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zig Zag flowers

Hi, Ladies! I'm still not feeling good, but I couldn't resist showing you guys my flowers! Here all my flowers the colors I had made!! Isn't that pretty? I loveeeeee these flowers!!!

I couldn't take credit for myself because it wasn't my creation I saw a tutorial from Linda blog.
Thank you Linda flower a wonderful tutorial!!

It took me a long time to finish all the colors. I love it!! I will post these flowers for sale if you ladies interested buy these beautiful flowers from me!Ladies remember that these fabric flowers the inks that I used was water base, so the flowers CAN NOT touch the water! If you drop water on these fabric flowers the colors will fade away!

I hope I feel better soon! I hate being sick yach!!!!! I'm feel very crappy too!!


  1. It's amazing how you can create such beautiful things ... even when you are not feeling well! Very pretty flowers, Sa.

  2. Awww...hope you feel better soon;)))) The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Hi !

    My name is kath...& I just started to watch this video. Thank you for making it. I have one question...where did you get your spray bottles! There is a company that sells all kind of plastic bottles where you can buy them in bulk. I just wondered where you purchased yours?
    Hope you feel better soon also!!!

    Thank you,
    kath allen

  4. love it .. thanks