Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handmade headband

Hi, Ladies! Today I made a headband. I'd like to make more but I didn't have everything and another colors. You guys already know how to make flowers. I used my ric rac trim from my store and the pearls also from my store. For the pearls I didn't post for sale yet because I'm not sure about the price yet. You guys might thinking why the *+ I didn't know about the price. The thing is I ordered the bigger size but my supplier sent me the small size. so I have know idea how much my supplier want to sale these for me. It was they mistaken not me but I'm willing to pay for the small size price. I don't to send these back before it will cost a lot more. I'm doing business too I do understand mistake happen. I will let you guys know later when the small pearls post for sale or you guys can keep checking my store.

Thank you ladies for stopping by!!

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