Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greeting cards

Hi, Ladies!  I just came back up dated my blog again.  If I want just to post something to share with you ladies by photos it might be good to post my creative here.

 The first card that I made.  I haven't made card very long time.  Before I don't like to color images that too big.  I used to color very small images it didn't take that long to color at all.  And these images very challenging for me to do.
 The ink that I used from stampin'up! I don't have copic markers at all.  I used what I already have.  I don't to spend me on something it wasn't necessary
 My cards weren't good yet, but I will keep practicing it.  The laces I use on these two cards from Paveena store.  You guys can check her out at
 The flowers that I used from my store you guys can check out my store at

Thank you ladies for stopping by!!


  1. Hi Sa,,I follow you on youtube and decided to come check you out here.Love the layout page and I'll be coming back regularly to see what you got going on...:-) until next time ♥

  2. Sa, I love your cards. I don't have copic yet either. You did a great job coloring, they look awesome!

  3. Love your cards. Very cute. I follow your U-Tube channel all the time and now I can follow you on your blog. Don't feel bad about not knowing how to do things, I can't do the blog very good. My blog is , there you will see some pretty bad blogging. I got disgusted with it and haven't been back.
    Good luck to you on your blog.

  4. I think your cards are really lovely. I love the beautiful laces youve used. Im afraid I dont make many cards.....Im pretty rubbish at them but I love seeing everyone elses gorgeous cards. But I think I will stick to bookbinding and making flowers. Lee xx