Monday, October 17, 2011

Attensions my scammers!

Good morning ladies!! Today I want to talk about scammers. As you already know I have scammers and I mention that on my YT channel. One thing that I want to make very clear to my scammers if I know who you were, you will be block off from my YT channel. I told you ladies that I kept my book record who they were and where they live. I have been hosting my challenges. If you one of my scammers and enter to my challenge and you happen to win my challenge you WILL NOT be qualify. How I know which one my scammers I base on my scammers book recorded. Even though you give me difference name but the same address show on my scammers book recored you still not be qualify. You'll be BLOCK from my YT channel. I will re-announce the new winner. I don't like people say one thing in the front of my face sweet talk and then trying to stap me on my back when I turn around. I want to give prizes to who really really appreciate me and truly want to be my friends I believe these people deserve it. So think again before you try to scam on me ladies. I caught one lady from YT channel she mistaken by used her YT channel same as zibbet so I know who she was. First time when she did, I didn't record anything but the second times I recorded her and now she block out from my YT channel. I know one thing that my scammers came from YT channel, who follow me on my YT channel.

So, on my October lay out challenge I hope you ladies not one of those who trying to scam on me I will be very disappoints. I love you ladies lay out very much.

I hope you ladies can join me on my challenge!!

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  1. Oh dear Sa, its very sad to hear that there a people out there who feel the need to take advantage of someone who is genuinely kind and generous. You are so right to keep a record of who they are. Its terrible that this is the type of world we now live in. I hope everyone who joins in on your challenge is doing so because they enjoy crafting and are genuine fans of your work. Lee xx